A revelation in thinking and utterly fascinating in practice! This book offers both a theoretical and studio based explorariotn of IPP and is fantastic for performers and students alike. The theory is accessible yet rigourous and feeds clearly into the practical exercises. A must for all interested in performance practice!

Integrative Performance serves a crucial need of 21st-century performers by providing a transdisciplinary approach to training. Its radical new take on performance practice is designed for a climate that increasingly requires fully rounded artists. The book critiques and interrogates key current practices and offers a proven alternative to the idea that rigorous and effective training must separate the disciplines into discrete categories of acting, singing, and dance.

Experience Bryon’s Integrative Performance Practice is a way of working that will profoundly shift how performers engage with their training, conditioning and performance disciplines. It synthesizes the various elements of performance work in order to empower the performer as they practice across disciplines within any genre, style or aesthetic.

This book is an absolutely fantastic tool for anyone looking to improve their performance practice. Bryon writes with a rare balance of academic rigor and a conversational tone, making the book accessible to me on a variety of levels. The book is filled with some extremely helpful and innovative exercises that can be done in solo work or with a partner. I found the diagrams that accompany each exercise particularly helpful when trying them out on my own. I have been working with the exercises for six months and I already feel like my practice comes from a place of awareness. When sharing this work with my students and colleagues, many of them were surprised how much working from a place of awareness or shifting their center to the perineum changed the way they practice and perform for the better (as was I). With the aid of Integrative Performance, I no longer see myself as an actor who sings and sometimes dances. I see myself as a performer, and that shift has made a world of difference for my practice.