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Who are workshops for?

•Performers working across disciplines

•Physical Theatre practitioners

•Music(al) Theatre performers

•Opera singers who want to act and move with greater ease

•Actors who wish to expand on their movement and vocal skills

•Dancers who wish to incorporate voicing and acting into their work

•Performing Artists who wish to augment their practice to include and/or enhance a more interdisciplinary skill set

•Performance Teachers

The Integrative Performance Practice is a way of working that 

 What is IPP?

IPP is a practice which allows optimal ability while acting, singing/sounding, and dancing/moving, without the compromise of technical excellence. The IPP is designed not as a negotiation of various performing techniques, but rather as one practice through which any combinations of disciplinary expression can emerge with excellence. With this practice you really can do it all.

Workshops explore:

•Physio-vocal exercises in dynamic alignment drawing from the latest research in the physiology of the breath/body and psycho-physical approaches to performance.

•Working through the score and the text through Integrative Text Analysis.

•Exercises on synthesizing music, words, choreography, blocking and direction to support yourself while voicing, moving and acting. 

•Making choices to support you as a practitioner in activating any combination of performance discipline(s).

profoundly shifts how performers engage with their training, conditioning, and performance disciplines. It synthesizes the various elements of performance work in order to empower you, the performer, as you practise across disciplines within any genre, style or aesthetic.

An opportunity to work with: 

Experience Bryon, author of Integrative Performance: Practice and Theory for the Integrative Performer and Senior Lecturer at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London UK.

Integrative Performance Practice